sex outdoors

Sometimes I think that, with the sun going down on the West, the best thing we can do is fuck.

There’s a genuine argument to just let it all go to hell and enjoy what we have. Even in these places afflicted by heatwaves, strangers might as well couple up and make memories..

One of the best things about nature walks is that you never know what you’ll happen across. As more and more couples flee the cities, they not only seek refuge in nature, but are actively aroused by it.

This horny couple are city dwellers with high-powered jobs. But they’ve seen how the city is changing, and they can’t wait to get away at weekends and put on a show for an appreciative audience. When they walk hand-in-hand through the woods, they give clues about what kind of show it will be by who takes the lead. Today she’s very much on the receiving end and, after having done what’s necessary to acquire the use of a boat from a wealthy local patron, they set about putting on an exquisite summer sex show for an appreciative shoreside audience of fishermen, teenage boys (legal of course), random singles and couples, whistling and cheering as this busty brunette beauty gets her hot wet pussy relentlessly drilled from behind, all the way to the kind of deep, full-body orgasm that she just doesn’t seem to have in the city anymore.

There’ll be a meet-and-greet in the plush bar afterwards, where she might still be in a very generous mood…

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